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Oscar - a Flat Court wedding ring designed for those who appreciate timeless simplicity and refined elegance.


Choode the polished finish to add a touch of sophistication, creating a lustrous surface that reflects the enduring commitment it represents. On the other hand, the matt finish offers a alternative look to your wedding band.


Designed with meticulous attention to detail, "Oscar" is more than a ring; it's a symbol of the unending circle of love. The style strikes a perfect balance, offering both comfort and a subtle presence.


Choose "Oscar" for a classic, polished expression of your everlasting bond.

OSCAR | Flat Court Ring

PriceFrom £715.00
  • Flat Court Band in Polished Finish or matt finish.

    • Width: 5.0mm or 6.0mm 


    For larger sizes please get in touch at 

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