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Our Love Story

Forever & Always

JUNI's Love Story began in 2020 when Emily, the creator of JUNI, wanted to create fine jewellery that was not only sustainable but would last a lifetime.


Every design you see on JUNI's website is designed and made by the owner herself. Emily's idea was that each piece should be uniquely created for each individual. Each design is therefore made to order making every order as individual as the wearer.


Our Values

Sustainability and affordability are at the heart of JUNI's creations. This is why JUNI can pride itself on the fact that each design is thoroughly researched to make sure the most ethical route is taken when creating each piece.

The Whole Collection includes designs which only use Forever One Charles & Colvard Moissanites & Chatham Lab Grown Gemstones. A conscious decision made by the owner of JUNI to make her business as sustainable as possible.


See our Moissanite Page and Lab-Grown Gemstones Page to learn more about Moissanites and Lab Grown Gemstones.

Forever & Always

"Forever & Always" is the pillar of JUNI's Engagement Collection and is a subtle dedication to Emily's fiancé. A Love Story that has been one of the main reasons JUNI has been able to grow into what it is today.

A note from Emily, The Owner of JUNI:

"The designs you see are created with the reminder that love will forever be a guide and will always protect you along life's journey.


Emily x "

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