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why JUNI uses them...

Where do we source our Lab Grown Gemstones?

Here at JUNI we use Chatham Lab Grown Gemstones, a company recognised as being one of the leading companies of laboratory-grown gemstones.


All Chatham lab grown gemstones possess the same physical, optical and chemical structure as their mined counterpart.


Chatham gemstones have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined gems do. Lab Grown Gemstones are made by controlling the environment so that crystals can grow naturally, therefore recreating the conditions in which gems grow in the earth.

One of the main benefits of using lab grown gemstones is that they have considerably less of an impact on the environment than mined gems.

The beauty of Chatham Lab Grown Gemstones is that unless you’re a certified gemologist with a powerful microscope, you won’t be able to tell the difference between Chatham Lab Grown Gemstones and mined gemstones. Making them the perfect alternative to mined gems.

Are Lab Grown Gemstones Real?


Chatham Lab Grown Gemstones grow over the course of about a year. As a result, the Gemstones Chatham grow have physical, chemical, and optical properties that are identical to those found in nature.


However, Chatham stones are more durable because they have fewer inclusions than most of their mined counterparts.


The hardness of Chatham’s stones are exactly the same as their mined counterparts. 

How durable are Lab-Grown Gemstones?


Did you know every single JUNI design can be customised with your desired gemstone.

See below a diagram that shows you all the different Chatham Lab Grown Gemstones that you can choose from. Whether you're looking for an Oval Emerald or a Cushion Cut Sapphire, the options are endless.

A Custom Design... 

JUNI's Lab Grown Gemstone Options

Simply get in touch to enquire about your custom design at .

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