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Caring for your Jewellery

Care Advice

All our designs are made to the highest quality and we stand by our craftmanship however given the delicate nature of each design care must be taken with each piece of jewellery.

Jewellery Cleaning Tips

To ensure your jewellery lasts for the lifetime it was made for, below are some helpful guidelines we highly recommend you follow:


Keep your jewellery away from household chemicals, perfumes, and cosmetics. These substances can tarnish and damage the metal or gemstones.


Store each piece of jewellery separately to prevent scratching. Consider using soft pouches or lined jewellery boxes to protect them from dust and abrasions.


Clean your jewellery with a soft, lint-free cloth to maintain its luster. For gemstones, use a mild detergent and a soft brush. Be gentle to avoid any scratches.

Take off your jewellery before engaging in activities like swimming, exercising, or cleaning. This helps prevent damage and ensures your pieces remain in pristine condition.


Inspect the settings of your jewellery periodically to ensure stones are secure. Loose settings can lead to loss of gemstones.


Always put on your jewellery after applying makeup, lotions, or hairspray. This minimises exposure to substances that can dull or damage its appearance.

Cleaning Your Jewellery

Remember, proper care enhances the longevity and beauty of your jewellery. By following these tips, you'll ensure your pieces remain stunning for generations to come.

If you have any queries or concerns about your jewellery care, contact us at

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