JUNI Jewellery has proudly partnered with MoreTrees to help move towards a more sustainable future.


For every purchase you make, we will donate £1 of your order towards planting your own tree with MoreTrees. Yes, that's right, £= 1 tree.

We will automatically do this for you and you will received confirmation of your tree donation with your order and via email. You can even create your own MoreTrees account to see your overall donations through your purchases with JUNI Jewellery.

MoreTrees partners with regulated non-profit NGOs (non-government organisations) across the world, who work with local communities to plant trees while reducing extreme poverty and combating deforestation. 

Every tree planted not only absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, offsetting your carbon. It also releases oxygen, filters the air, filters rainfall and increases atmospheric moisture. See more of the benefits to tree planting here: 

https://moretrees.eco/benefits/ .

For further info on how your order has helped our planet, please visit MoreTrees' website.