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"Femi" - love being the Egyptian meaning behind the name Femi. A piece of JUNI jewellery designed around the origin of love with a chunky gold hoop delicately hammered to add a subtle texture.


A Solid Hoop Earrings - meticulously crafted to embody the timeless elegance and enduring affection inspired by everlasting love.


Each hoop boasts a lustrous solid construction, exuding luxury and sophistication.


The hammered finish adds a unique texture, reflecting light with every movement, while the sleek hoop design ensures effortless chic for any occasion.


Elevate your style and express your affection with these stunning Hoop Earrings, a symbol of everlasting love and refined beauty.


PriceFrom £150.00
  • Material: Sterling Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold or 9ct White Gold

    Style: 2.3mm x 1.5mm D Shape Hoop

    Finished: Polished Hammered 

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