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Introducing The Ava Earring, a symbol of grace and elegance that effortlessly enhances any ensemble. This exquisite earring features a single, captivating Keshi pearl, celebrated for its unique shape and organic luster.


Each Keshi pearl is carefully chosen for its natural beauty, ensuring that no two earrings are alike. The pearl's freeform silhouette and radiant glow create a striking balance between sophistication and individuality.


Designed for the discerning jewellery lover, The Ava Earring embodies timeless elegance and contemporary charm. Elevate your style with The Ava Earring—a perfect blend of nature's artistry and refined craftsmanship.


PriceFrom £125.00
  • Material: Sterling Silver or 9ct Yellow Gold.

    Style: Drop Down Pearl

    Pearls: Keshi Pearls

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