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Kate - a full micro-setting Moissanite band that epitomises elegance and sophistication.


Designed with precision, this exquisite piece features delicate micro-settings that showcase the brilliance of the moissanites all the way around the band, creating a mesmerising play of light.


The timeless design of "Kate" symbolises enduring love, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a refined and timeless expression of commitment. Immerse yourself in the beauty of micro-settings with the unparalleled grace of "Kate."

KATE | Full Micro Moissanite Ring

PriceFrom £850.00
  • Stones: 1.7mm Moissanite Forever One™ by Charles & Colvard®:

    • Stone Cut: Brilliant
    • Size: 1.7mm
    • Colour: DEF-GHI
    • Diamond Equivalent Weight: 0.02
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