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Fern - where delicate curves and micro-settings converge to create a wedding ring of unparalleled grace.


The subtle curvature of the band ensures a comfortable fit, while the micro-settings showcase the brilliance of carefully placed moissanites, forming a mesmerising dance of light.


Crafted with precision and artistry, "Fern" is more than a ring - it's a botanical-inspired masterpiece symbolising growth and harmony in love.


Embrace the intricacies of your journey with a ring that mirrors the subtleties of nature. Choose "Fern" for an enchanting expression of your enduring commitment.

FERN | Half Micro Curved Moissanite Ring

PriceFrom £695.00
  • Stones: 1.5mm Moissanite Forever One™ by Charles & Colvard®:

    • Stone Cut: Brilliant
    • Size: 1.5mm
    • Colour: DEF-GHI
    • Diamond Equivalent Weight: 0.015
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