Our Monthly Handpicked

From the Designer to you - an idea to bring you her handpicked collection each month and why she chose them.

 Each month, six pieces of JUNI jewellery will be specially hand selected by our Designer and available at a special price.

The May Designs:

The Starter Stacker || Sterling Silver

 The Beaded Stacker || Sterling Silver

 Hammered Beaded Stacker || Sterling Silver

The Starter Stacker || 9ct Gold

 The Beaded Stacker || 9ct Gold

Why these designs?

"This month, we are focusing on our rings. The place where JUNI started. Our first set of designs included many of our classic stacker rings. Start your collection today with these special prices."

Enjoy browsing each design and take advantage of the special price until the end of the month* when they will refresh and a new six will be revealed....

*or until stock lasts.